Erebus. A world shaped by the Gods and Magic. The Age of Ice is over. What was left of the empires of Erebus formed into small tribes and started to rebuild what was lost. Civilization is flourishing. But the world was not empty. There is great evil, but also selfless good. Then, there are those who hold no loyalty at all. The first goal was survival; but almost everyone has passed the threshold and now work towards the next goal: power. Whether through strength of arms, arcane studies, piety, or blasphemy, forces are moving in the world to claim as much of it as they can. There are temporary allies and bitter foes, but the deeper anyone delves into the forgotten knowledge, the harder it will be for the world to turn back.

There are troubling times ahead. Though many learned the lessons from the downfall of the empires during the Age of Magic, there are signs of calamity brewing. War is on the rise, large and malicious creatures not seen before by mortal eyes prowl the lands, and there are whispers of the dark machinations of vile men. Evil is stirring…

Erebus: Age of Rebirth

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