Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Battle for Khazak, Part 2

The Party's Surprise

Year 813, Shaliel 40

The party entered the camp quickly and found it lightly defended. It took them a short amount of time to clear out the enemy. Then, they shut the gates and prepared to hold the line.

Hippus began streaming back to the encampment, only to have barred doors and the party’s arrows to the face greet them. It was actually quite fun, especially with a marksman in the ancient tower, until a hill giant the Hippus had hired for the siege destroyed a section of the wall to the encampment.

After a pitched battle, the party fell the hill giant, who destroyed the ancient tower in its death throes. The dwarves finished off the Hippus horde, and King Kandros himself killed and beheaded Tasunke, the Hippus leader. The leader’s death sent shockwaves through the Hippus civilization.

The party were hailed as true heroes, and were rewarded with magical weapons form the King’s personal armory.


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