Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Road to Starhaunt, Part 5

Retreating into the Underdark

Year 814, Thouran 3-4

Reen, Mel, Jorpip, and the party went downstairs and fought through a never ending horde of drow. Realizing they had no chance of winning, the party retreated through the secret underdark entrance. Esbur threw all but one of his magic beans into the doorway, causing a cave in at the entrance there. The battle was over.

The resistance was devastated, but survived to fight another day. With the way back sealed, the party continued forward, guided by Reen with Mel in the rear. They followed Reen long a small stream, sleeping at a safe house on the way, and eventually they reached a grating that the stream passed through and plunged into a gargantuan cavern below. The slave pits.

The party, using Jorpip’s feather fall spells, safely descended over a hundred feet to the cavern floor. There were several huge cages containing the slaves and Reen begged to let them open them. Together, the party convinced Reen to see wisdom in holding off until the way was clear. The 2nd to last cage held only one person, someone familiar, Esbur’s Aunt Bertha! But before they could interact, a huge draegloth!

But the draegloth was no match for our party, and the demon only got in a few missed swipes before Aleric smote it back to hell with Lugus’ radiant wrath. The party made sure the route to the exit of the slave pits was clear and then freed Bertha.


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