Darius Nielson

Malakim Cursed Monster Slayer. Leader of the Dragon Slayers.


He can usually be found at the Dragon Slayer’s offices in the Colossus Citadel in Midgar.

He’s a warrior from the Malakim Nation. He was ordered to enter a dungeon with his comrades and destroy any evil that lurked in there, in the name of Honor.

He was the first to enter, the bravest of the rest. Once inside, he was cursed by the maleficent entity inside, though he did not know it yet. What followed was an utter slaughter of his comrades that he would relive every day after that; his curse was to relive that day over and over again forever. If he died, he woke up the next day in the barracks of the desert city. Over and over again, he would enter the dungeon seeking to guide his brothers in arms through the dungeon but out of harms way, in the name of honor but every day he would fail them all.

Finally, he lost his honor when he refused to enter the dungeon with his fellows and instead went into town to see if there was a way to break the curse. Every day he went to the local mage’s guild and learned about curses and those evil entities that cause them. The mages taught him spells and his brothers in arms taught him close combat. He learned to combine them in the midst of combat, battle tested against the evil minions in the dungeon. But he couldn’t break the curse.

Finally, one day he happened to overhear the commander talking to an adventuring party that had been in town on that particular day. They had offered to get rid of the dungeon without any harm to his men, for the proper coin of course. He refused, spouting some bullshit about how the honor of his men would be forever tainted if they did not clear it themselves. At that moment, Darius fully denounced his commitment to honor and hired the adventurers with gold he stole from the garrison’s treasury to clear the dungeon before his unit got there with his help. They not only succeeded, but were actually able to lift the curse! He departed with the party for their next destination, the Grigori Alliance, where he would begin to reforge his destiny training for in a new unit not bound by the fallacies of honor: the Dragonslayers.

Darius Nielson

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