Prixius "Prix" Naloth'Ator

Noble & Retired Adventurer


Prix is 6’5", 252 lbs and has cyan colored eyes, a well-sculpted figure, and silver dragon skin. He has a purple tremble clef tattoo on his neck. He is usually wearing purple and gold trimmed garments around studded leather armor. He also carries a well-crafted fiddle with a bladed bow.


Born into Nobility in the Kuriotates, Prix took to being a diplomat well but wanted his life to mean more. He took up the fiddle and received bard training from the best of the best. Then he became and adventurer. His noble birth gave him access to one of his family’s ariships which he used in his adventurers. After many years of that, he retired to become a musician. He can be a diplomat when he needs to, but he prefers to avoid politics and focus on his music and how it affects others.

He traveled to Khazak to record the history of the conflict there and for inspiration for his work. There he met the party and helped them lift the siege of Khazak. He wishes to become on of the best musicians/bards in the world.

He moves with a dignified posture and a permanent slight smile. He keeps a jovial demeanor all the time. He is bold and has excellent people skills, but he is also easily bored, and unfocused.

Prixius "Prix" Naloth'Ator

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