Fierce Nomadic Representative of the Overcouncil


A dark skinned man wearing a turban and detailed tribal garments with goggles on his forehead, he uses a musket and a scimitar and typically has a huge grin on his face. He is an amicable fellow with a strong sense of honor and adventuring.


Teutorix is an old friend of Aleric growing up. He is also one of the few founding members of the Overcouncil, and one of 2 permanent members whose duty is to bring other nations into the fold.

Teutorix is one of the strongest proponents in the Malakim for importing the Khazad blasting powder for use in the struggle against the burgeoning Calabim vampires:

“There is a cure for vampirism. It involves the long barrel of a gun and large doses of splintered
iron and powder.”


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