Erebus: Age of Rebirth

Evil in Khazak
The "House"

Year 813, Shaliel 29

The party had no sooner been in Khazak than they had heard several children had vanished, leaving many to suspect an abandoned and supposedly haunted house in the corner of the city. The party entered the house, and fought off some zombies in the main room. Upstairs, they found the ghost of a girl who was consumed here and a very annoying mimic. It wasn’t until they noticed picture with members of the “Moon Claw” cult in the room that the party unlocked a secret door back downstairs. Following the steps, they found a dark room with a door at the back. As soon as they entered, it struck. A shadow demon!

The party defeated the shadow demon, and opened the back door. There, they found the missing children and a few magic items, like Maros’ storied Shield of the Order. They also found an ancient, evil tome along with a note that the cult was going to meet in a tavern in town!

Khazad Reunification
The Road to Khazak

Year 813, Shaliel 26

_Whether through desperation, blackmail, a contract, or a favor to a friend, you have been hired by a dwarf, Arturus Thorne, to escort him and a cloaked cart to Khazak, home of the dwarves of the Khazad clans. The road you travel will take you through lands that Hippus marauders, raiding men who only respect horses above gold, have claimed as their own. They are knocking on the doors of Khazak, pillaging trade routes and harassing the country side. Kandros Fir, the leader of the city and the Khazad clans, prepares for war with the Hippus. But he is hindered by internal strife within the city. The civil unrest has been stirred by opposition to his direction and rule and the situation is growing dire.

Arturas has not said what his business is in Khazak or why he seeks to cross such treacherous territory in haste, but he sounds urgent in his desire to complete the journey._

The party fended off a pack of wolves and then made camp at the ruins of Seven Pines. While there, they were ambushed by a patrol of Hippus raiders whom they quickly dispatched, earning horses and taking one captive. They arrived at a bridge crossing, but the bridge was out and so the party had to take a detour through a cave nearby because they had a cart to deliver. In the cave, they were ambushed by a giant spider and found some treasure there, including an ornate jade key.

The party made it to the doors of Khazak, but the distrustful dwarves had to be convinced to let them inside before Hippus marauders caught up with them. Once inside, Kandros and Arturas had an emotional reuninion where Arturas revealed the cart contained a runestone with the entire clan’s history. The Khazad clans were united once more.


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