Tag: Bard


  • Juliette

    She can usually be found working at the Private Pea in the Western Ward in Midgar, but she lives in the Promenade District. She was working the club Crown as a temp bartender the night Titus was murdered in it.

  • Marmin

    Can usually be found at his bar, the Crying Ogre in the Redlight District in Midgar. He had recently purchased and renovated the tavern, with the apparent plan to settle down and retire from a life of wandering adventures.

  • Prixius "Prix" Naloth'Ator

    Born into Nobility in the Kuriotates, Prix took to being a diplomat well but wanted his life to mean more. He took up the fiddle and received bard training from the best of the best. Then he became and adventurer. His noble birth gave him access to one of …