Tag: Half-Elf


  • Bailey Longstrider

    Bailey was secretly a member of a local assassins' guild, forging arms for them by day and breaking their less-talented members out of prison by night. The party solved Titus' murder when they deduced that Bailey had completed a contracted hit on him.

  • Artuvael Ditunis

    Artuvael's childhood was bland and inauspicious enough. His Elven father tired of the struggle and formality of life in Ljosalfar, and so set out to wander on his own. After 400 years, he found an unassuming town and a beautiful human maid. Not long after …

  • Mina

    Mina is a Elohim Monk. She is a pupil of Gared, who is the one who saved Aleric in his past. She is from a sleepy harbor town. Her father was a fisherman, her mother an alchemist. Her family was lost in a dragon attack on the town when she was 6. Gared …