Tag: Halfling


  • Marmin

    Can usually be found at his bar, the Crying Ogre in the Redlight District in Midgar. He had recently purchased and renovated the tavern, with the apparent plan to settle down and retire from a life of wandering adventures.

  • Trista "Bertha" Melessel

    Mel, as she usually goes by, was not known very well by Esbur. But she sent him a letter describing the danger the Hadriel's Chosen pose and how they plan to build the Soul Forge. Now, she has vanished and no one knew where she had gone, leading most of …

  • Reen Essels

    Reen is the spirit and soul of the Thariss resistance. She is rebellious, charming, and daring. She wants the resistance to firstly survive and secondly make the Svartalfar pay. Her audacious plans are usually tweaked to realistic expectations by her …

  • Mel Essels

    Whereas [[:reen-essels | Reen]], his sister, is the spirit of the resistance, Mel is the brains of the operation and often tempers his sister's daring schemes with much needed caution.