Tag: Midgar


  • Darius Nielson

    He can usually be found at the Dragon Slayer's offices in the Colossus Citadel in Midgar. He's a warrior from the Malakim Nation. He was ordered to enter a dungeon with his comrades and destroy any evil that lurked in there, in the name of Honor. …

  • Bailey Longstrider

    Bailey was secretly a member of a local assassins' guild, forging arms for them by day and breaking their less-talented members out of prison by night. The party solved Titus' murder when they deduced that Bailey had completed a contracted hit on him.

  • Jorpip

    The party helped him pick up some spilled mechanical components out on the street and he thanked them. He offered to repair their equipment for free in the future if they found some scattered components for him, which they did. Turns out Jorpip was a …

  • Juliette

    She can usually be found working at the Private Pea in the Western Ward in Midgar, but she lives in the Promenade District. She was working the club Crown as a temp bartender the night Titus was murdered in it.

  • Marmin

    Can usually be found at his bar, the Crying Ogre in the Redlight District in Midgar. He had recently purchased and renovated the tavern, with the apparent plan to settle down and retire from a life of wandering adventures.