Tag: Party


  • Darius Nielson

    He can usually be found at the Dragon Slayer's offices in the Colossus Citadel in Midgar. He's a warrior from the Malakim Nation. He was ordered to enter a dungeon with his comrades and destroy any evil that lurked in there, in the name of Honor. …

  • Titus "Tab" Andrew Blundy

    Titus "Tab" Andrew Blundy was a novice sorcerer from the Adventurer's Guild. He accompanied the Liberty Collective on their first mission together to Khazak. He was murdered in Midgar about a year following the events in Khazak.

  • Artuvael Ditunis

    Artuvael's childhood was bland and inauspicious enough. His Elven father tired of the struggle and formality of life in Ljosalfar, and so set out to wander on his own. After 400 years, he found an unassuming town and a beautiful human maid. Not long after …