Erebus: Age of Rebirth

Breaking the Siege, Part 1

Cultists and the Battle Plan

Year 813, Shaliel 31

The party traveled to the Gleaming Stag and vanquished the cultists in the tavern itself. The party captured the leader, Timah Redhelm and brought her to the Stonewardens for safekeeping.

The party interrogated the Hippus rider they captured. The rider’s name was Aleksander of the Dibra Host and after some perfect intimidation, he told the party anything they wanted to know. While some of the cavalry are veterans, many are new recruits from the Hippus tribes. The Hippus were also fighting a war with the Lanun coastal raiders. The Hippus like protection money, but the Khazad dwarves like money more and won’t pay up. The enemy commander, Tasunke, was camped in the field on the West side of the city where the forest covers the Southern approach. The main encampment’s defenses were augmented by an ancient tower from a long forgotten civilization that the encampment was constructed around. The horsemen try to avoid the Southern side of the city because the fields were infested by Akhegs.

The party next interrogated Timah Redhelm. She revealed to them that the Hadriel’s Chosen were led by 12 leaders, including her. The party didn’t get much else out of her, except that Mina is held at the cult’s cave. They received a clue on that cave last session, and it was to “follow the brass beast”. Then, Artuvael slit her throat, killing her.

The party met in the King’s war room with King Kandros, Arturus, the dwarven general, and the head druid of the mountain circle, Luda Stoneheart. The general reported that the dwarves had 2 companies of pikes that could be battle ready in 3 days. Arturas reported that the dwarves could also outfit a company of arquebus, but they needed to have his supply caravan escorted through the Southern fields to do so; outfitting the arquebus would take 10 days of training. Luda also mentioned there was a community of griffons that lived at the top of the mountain that, if contacted, could be convinced to feast on the horses below during the battle to discourage the Hippus to battle while mounted.

They party lastly interrogated the slaver prisoner, whose name was Gimli Golgazar. Mostly, they learned that the slavers work for the Undercouncil and he is afraid to reveal more for the sake of his survival.


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