Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Battle for Khazak, Part 1

Taking the Bridge

Year 813, Shaliel 39-40

The first phase of the battle plan was for Kandros and his general to lead the main counterattacking force across the river and engage the Hippus horde in the Western fields while the party led a small platoon of Dwarves to take and hold the only bridge over the river. By doing so, the party would cut off the Hippus’ only easy route for retreat; without the bridge, they would have to either retreat through the orc infested hills to the West or the spider infested forest to the South. Once held, the party could join the assault in the second phase when it pushed on to the leader’s encampment and ancient tower on a hill overlooking the battle.

The party pushed forward, using the dwarves to cover their rear and flanks. They fought well, and the enemy’s morale broke. Once they occupied the bridge, they realized the route to the enemy’s encampment was clear. The dwarven main force had suffered serious losses, but the Hippus were beginning to retreat. If the Hippus retreated back to the main camp, it would be hard to dislodge them from it and the dwarves would suffer many more losses. But if the party could take the encampment themselves, they could hold it against the retreating Hippus horde and allow the dwarves to catch the Hippus in a crossfire, promising a swift end.

The party decided they were going in!


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