Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Road to Starhaunt, Part 3

The Forests of Thariss

Year 814, Kiran 38- Thouran 2

Around the corner came Willard! He couldn’t leave the party with all of his loot! Unfortunately, right behind him was a T-Rex! The party made short work of it, but not before Shale was almost eaten alive!

Willard had a revelation during his long way and realized that he could read any language! So he was able to read the Patrian runes on the wall behind the goblin fort and it read:
“They come out at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen.”
Willard immediately knew the riddle’s answer was “stars”. Saying this in any language caused the runes to fade and crumble the wall away, revealing a Wand of Lightning Bolts. The party continued heading towards Thariss.

The rain continued to pour down, causing heavy flooding in the Border Marches. Shale slipped into a pool of mud and almost drowned in it had Aleric not used quick thinking with his ring of water walking to rescue him! The party continued on and at last arrived at the edge of the Forests of Thariss.

The ancient dark forests of the Svartalfar looms ahead. Light doesn’t escape it’s branches and a mist clings to the ground. The roots leave and reenter the ground at sinister angles, like an infection and swarms of dark birds swoop chaotically in the canopy.

They had a wagon laden with supplies, so they were forced to travel using the road through the forest knowing dangers could await them that way. They were proven right when at a turn in the path, 6 displacer beasts ambushed them for what they thought was an easy meal; what the party supplied them were swift deaths!

Almost to Thariss, the party arrived at an abandoned shack where Art’s contacts were supposed to meet them. They instead came across 2 dark elves who had just finished torturing a halfling to death, reveling in the pain they had caused before it’s death. The party swiftly brought their’s (without even an initiative roll!) and found orders from Erelov Viconia herself: an ambush was planned for the resistance cell outside of Thariss itself the next day!

The party quickly found the resistance cell using the orders’ directions. It was a simple well inside a set of ruined walls. Down the well they descended, and found the resistance cell unaware of the prepared ambush. The resistance leaders were 2 halfling siblings, Mel and Reen Essels. The resistance agreed to help the party through Thariss if they agreed to free the resistance in Gereth Minar, who had been captured by the Svartalfar and were all being systematically executed.

They gave the party 3 options to get through Thariss: by a smuggler’s sloop, disguised as slaves being transported through the city, or by fighting through the city’s underdark with a guide helping them along. They chose to fight through the under dark. If only they survive the onslaught that was surely coming for the resistance cell in less than 18 hours…


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