Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Road to Starhaunt, Part 4

Defending the Thariss Resistance

Year 814, Thouran 3

The party met Reen and Mel Essels, the leaders of the Thariss Resistance. They told them of the ambush and Reen and Mel began evacuating the resistance into the underdark of Thariss. Jorpip was there as well, surprisingly. He had been captured by the drow on his way to Ithralia and the resistance had rescued him. Shale went to scout out the forest and Willard left to scout out the underdark for any drow surprises. Mel, Reen, Jorpip, and the rest of the party prepared to defend the top entrance while the resistance warriors would hold the underdark entrance. Jorpip brought along his pilotable golem prototype and decided he would help out by using it. Unfortunately, the drow attacked the hideout before the evacuation could be finished and the party helped defend against the attack.

At first, the Drow attacked the hideout’s secret well entrance where the party decided to defend. A drow witch led a pair of drow warriors mounted on a dryders and a pet basilisk. Though the party engaged them from a considerable distance, the witch cleverly covered her force’s advance under a series of magical darkness spells, hindering the party’s ability to engage them. Jorpip began entering his golem, but it would take a while to get everything started up ok inside of it.

During the battle, Aleric heard some commotion down the well. When Art asked if everything was alright, the resistance warriors shouted that they found a body of one of their own with his throat slit. Reen decided to go down to help find the assassin, but after being downstairs for a few seconds, the assassin got to her too and Reen was killed in one movement of the assassin’s blade. Before the resistance warriors could go to Reen’s aid, their position came under attack from the underdark’s main passage from the drow.

The party repelled the attack above, but the witch escaped. Jorpip finished getting into his golem and the party quickly went downstairs to find it blanketed in that treacherous magical darkness that hindered them above ground. Even still, Art was able to find Reen’s body. Recognizing that her soul had not quite left her body, he called upon Arawn’s aid and cast Revivify, bringing Reen back to life with 1 HP.


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