Erebus: Age of Rebirth

The Necromancer's Cave

Catching up with Jegar Baruso

Year 813, Shaliel 35-38

The party then set out to find the cult’s cave. After some investigation, the party realized it was behind a waterfall called the brass falls. Although they had a hard time finding the falls, they did eventually find them. The cave was a hollowed out area in the mountain carved out by the waterfall when it had flowed more fiercely. After defeating the cave’s hired hobgoblin guard and their raised bodies, the party came face to face with none other than Jegar Baruso, the cultist responsible for Artuvael’s village’s destruction.

Before the party could defeat Jegar, he escaped using a broom of flying. They party bypassed the glyph of warding and the arcane lock on the vault in the back of the cave, and found Mina. But Mina quickly told them that Jegar lured them here as a trap and diversion; he had gone back to Khazak to enact his plan!

Traveling back to Khazak, the party found Arturus had been savagely killed by a wight! The wight, once confronted in the King’s war room, was clearly raised from the corpse of Timah Redhelm by Jegar to galvanize the city before the battle. With the channeled combined wrath of Lugus and Arawn, the party quickly dispatched the wight and its 2 dozen zombie thralls.


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