Erebus: Age of Rebirth

Unrest in Khazak

The Slaver's demise

Year 813, Shaliel 30

After asking around, the party discovered the most likely place the cult was meeting was the “Gleaming Stag”. The barkeep, Hotur, offered the party free lodging in reward for their work. The party spent the night and would start looking for the cult the next day.

That night, a huge fireball appeared in the sky. It was a rare, but not unique occurance in the skies above Erebus. It was then that Mina became possessed by some sort of entity and revealed the prophecy. In the morning, everyone woke from a good night sleep to find Mina missing!

The party went downstairs and met the inn owner, Yasef “Briggs” Lockseeker. Aleric recognized he wore a necklace with a shard of a sun stone on it, and it looked exactly like one of his little brother’s! The party confronted Briggs about it, suspecting him of working with the slavers, but he revealed that Hotur had given it to him. Briggs had a visiting good friend of his, a gnome named Shale, to help him bring the innkeeper to the front and interrogate him. The party convinced him to explain that the slavers had coerced him into helping them by feeding them information. He said their leader was Dina Earthsmither, an outspoken noble rival of King Kandros Fir in town. Shale knew where it was and agreed to join the party in getting revenge.

The party traveled to the arcane library in town, defeating an ambush planned for them and taking a slaver prisoner, where Dina was the curator. After her cronies in the library were dealt with, she caved and told them they were hired by a cult to kidnap Mina. The slavers were finished in Khazak, but the party found information narrowing down the possible locations for Aleric’s brother and the contract with the moonclaw cult, who called themselves the Hadriel’s Chosen. Furthermore, Dina revealed the cult was meeting in the Gleaming Stag that very night.


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